Our curriculum is built around five essential elements of child development within Dr. Keith J White’s book, ‘The Growth of Love’. These themes nurture a child’s inner world so that they can grow to confidently navigate the bigger world around them.

Health & Safety is one of our main priorities for the children in our care. Security however, is more than just keeping safe; it is about how we feel inside, whom we choose to trust and learning to be confident to assess our own risks and embrace new challenges. We believe that
Security is at the root of a child’s developmental needs.

Agreed boundaries and rules are vital for fair and peaceful groups, societies and games. These are best handed on to children by ‘lived’ boundaries, so we model and support good choices with Positive Language, Positive Handling and Quality Interactions. Our routines and fun activities also provide opportunities to understand that
Boundaries keep us safe and happy as we learn together.

Every child needs to know that they matter unconditionally! We welcome family input and carefully observe children; what their words, behaviour and body language is telling us and respond to this in our planning. We celebrate little people and their personal achievements so that each child feels important and valued.
Significance is helping a child to develop their sense of self.

Mill Grove is a wonderful place to learn about being part of something bigger than yourself. Pre-school staff nurture children as they make special friendships, learn to work as a team, care for their environment and appreciate others who are part of the Mill Grove family and community.
Community provides a sense of belonging and fosters respect for others.

Children need to be given time and space to express their ideas. We limit our fixed planning and encourage individual liberty through variety and choice. We know that by giving children freedom within safe boundaries, we enable them to start shaping their own identity.
Creativity is at the heart of effective learning.